Our staff


Nisa Sedaghat

Nisa Sedaghat heads the Creative Marketing for the Authentic Asia office. A Boulder native, Nisa has grown up with a mixed background of Persian and European heritage, giving way to her wanderlust and love for new people, cultures, languages and food. She has spent a significant amount of time traveling the world, with Europe and South East Asia topping her list, and tries to see at least one new place every month.


Stephanie Holman

Stephanie, our youngest traveler, joined Authentic Asia in 2015. Her previous travels include Southeast Asia and South America. In the fall of 2015 Stephanie accompanied her first Authentic Asia group to Iran, a destination that quickly became one of her favorites.


Natalie Trombly

Natalie Trombly has worked with Authentic Asia since we planned our first tour to Asia in 1999. Natalie helps organize and lead our trips to Southeast Asia and Bhutan.

Some of Our Wonderful Guides


Mr. Kinga


Mr. Kinga has been leading our Bhutan tours for the past 15 years and has become a wonderful and loyal friends over the years. He himself has lived in Austria, and has traveled in Europe as well as in other Himalayan countries. He also visited Israel and was given the “10 Best Guides in the World”award by Wanderlust magazine a few years back. Mr. Kinga, his wife and 3 daughters live in Thimphu.more


Ms. Aye Aye


There has never been a traveler to Burma who did not miss our special guide Ms. Aye Aye after leaving her country. She has been working for us since 1995 and is without doubt the best!


Mr. Dara


Mr. Dara, who lives with his family in Siem Reap, has been guiding visitors through the famous ruins of Angkor for over 10 years. His knowledge of the history and architecture of Angkor is impressive and he never grows tired of sharing it with our clients.more




Amin has been working as a guide for almost 10 years. He lives with his wife and daughter in Tehran. Amin previously used to live and study in the U.S. He speaks English fluently and possesses a wealth of knowledge ranging from the history the country, the various religions to the detailed layout of the perfect Persian garden!more




My friend Farzaneh has been working as an English speaking guide in Iran for well over fifteen years. During this time she has been leading trips for a number of special interest groups as well as private travelers. In addition, she has spent a lot of time traveling outside of Iran as a tour guide, taking Iranian tour groups to Europe and South Africa. Farzaneh has a profound understanding of Western culture and knows the needs and concerns of our travelers. But most of all, being on a journey with Farzaneh is just a lot of fun...she has a wonderful sense of humor and never runs out of stories to tell.more


Mr. Surendra


Mr. Surendra will show you the wonders of Nepal and its capital city Kathamndu. Mr. Surendra speaks the “Queens English”perfectly, having lived in England for a while a few years back.


Miss Kie


Miss Kie will take you off the beaten tourist path, to local markets, hidden monasteries and small tucked away restaurants for the perfect pad thai. Ms. Kie is a dear friend who loves her work and enjoys everyminute with our clients.more


Mr. Nima


Mr. Nima has led our groups to as far away places as Mt. Kailash in the West and Surmang Monastery in the far Eastern corner of Tibet. In addition he was the lead guide for an expedition to the hidden Tsangpo Gorge, which was chornicled in the book “Journey to the Heart of the World”by Ian Baker.more


Mr. Cong


Mr. Cong is one of Vietnam’s most popular guides, working with well-known institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute among many others. Mr. Cong lives with his wife and daughter in Danang. His second daughter studies in the U.S. and Mr. Cong himself has traveled extensively throughout North America.more


Mr. Sidney


Working as a tour guide now for more than 20 years, Mr. Sydney (U Zaw Min) has lead a fascinating life in his country of Myanmar. With a degree in chemistry and engineering, he joined UNESCO in 1993 as a conservation engineer doing restoration work on the temples of Bagan. He has deeply experienced the political and social turbulence of his country and combines his historical, professional and first hand knowledge to provide a thorough and multifaceted experience for those he guides. Mr. Sydney lives in Bagan, where he plans to live out his days in the circle of Samsara.more