Every year, a small number of intrepid travelers from the U.S. journey to Iran to learn more about one of the world’s ancient civilizations. Most people will look at you in disbelief when they hear that you are traveling to Iran, especially as an American. The questions we hear a lot are: “Why do you want to go to Iran?”, “Is it safe to go to Iran?” or “Can Americans go to Iran?”



Over the course of the next two weeks, our small group of ten will explore the land of Persia and will try to dispel some of the myths about traveling in this magnificent country.

We will share our experiences and stories beginning in the capital city of Tehran, before we continue on to Shiraz, home of the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site of Persepolis, and the tombs of some of Iran’s famous poets.


Amazing Persepolis (the historical site in Shiraz)

From there we will drive to Yazd, where the eternal flame lights the Zoroastrian temple and where some of the most magnificent Persian gardens can be found. Our next stop will be Isfahan, by many considered to be the most beautiful city in the Middle East, and finally, we will fly to Tabriz where we will end our journey.


The spectacular Pink Mosque

Stay tuned for the beginning of our trip!