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We are on the plane home now after the conclusion of our adventure in Myanmar. We owe you so much – it was a spectacular time, well planned and paced; filled with fun and interest. All the folks you engaged on our behalf could not have been better – they are truly interesting people, passionate about their country in their own unique way and eager to share it with visitors.

I plan on sending individual thank you notes to those that were willing to share their email addresses, but do extend our heartfelt thanks to all. The chocolate birthday cake at Le Planteur last night dazzled, capping a wonderful ten days.

You all did such an amazing job of organizing this trip, that it would be difficult to imagine a company other than yours for future travels. Our guide in Pagan (Myanmar) combined historical/political/personal information, with extensive visits to important sites, and then walks in rural areas he knew well for conversations with farmers and others.  And, of course, there was the school visit, which was moving and important, and gave us an opportunity to contribute to the children.

Our Shan guide in Inle Lake was perfect. First, she was wonderful at pacing our exploring, both on foot, and by boat.  She also gave us an opportunity to explore village life, and interact with local villagers.  She was thoughtful, taking time to both understand questions and respond completely, something I appreciated.

Our trip with Authentic Asia to Iran was fantastic! I had been there over 45 years ago and had many positive memories of the people and the culture from the time before the Shah was exiled. I wanted to experience present day Iran for myself, and this trip afforded the opportunity I had hoped for.

Our delightful guide Farzaneh was extremely knowledgeable about her country and culture, and her answers to our questions were always thorough and informative. She had to be everywhere at once to keep up with her nine very busy travelers who were required to be in her purview at all times. And she consistently managed that with grace and humor!

I thought it was a magnificent trip to Burma. I enjoyed it thoroughly and Mr. Sidney was a superb guide who taught me a lot about the country, the sort of stuff you are unlikely to get from regular guides. The hotels were extraordinarily good. The people are extremely friendly, the sights were fascinating; in summary everything was perfect. My gratitude for all your efforts.

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